The Power of Finishing

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What a feeling! You finished it, whatever it was – a task, a project, a piece. There is power in finishing, in reaching the end. You can close the book, start something new.

How often do we musicians have that feeling? For us, a performance is a work of the moment, created new each time. The music we create is not a static, one-shot deal, but a snapshot of how the elements came together at that particular time. From that perspective, no piece is ever finished.

And how many Septembers have I given my students a book of pieces or exercises to start, only to switch courses long before we finish the book? It’s not that we don’t want to finish, but pressures of school, work, and performances sometimes sideline our best intentions.

Occasionally, we go back to that book, simply because it feels good to get to the end, to feel like we have tasted everything in the book and become wiser for it.

So this September, I am asking all you harpists to join with me in a new project, one we will definitely finish. It’s an “Etude a Day Challenge.” Beginning on Tuesday, September 17, we will work through an etude book. We will play each etude in order, one a day, until we get to the end.

This is a 25-day challenge, and whether you are a lever or pedal harpist, advanced or a newbie, you can join us.

Why should you participate?

Technique. Nothing says “I can play!” like a great technique. This will get you back in shape, or put you on the right path quickly.

Community. Everyone who participates will be part of a private Facebook page, where you will log in each day to report your progress, ask questions, and generally support everyone else. It’s fun to be part of a group.

Accountability. Sometimes just knowing that others are with you on the same journey is enough motivation to keep you going. That’s why people work out at a gym, right?

A Prize! Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a gift card from a harp music retailer. Virtue does have a reward!

Does this sound like fun to you? Do you have questions? All the details and most of the answers can be found on the Etude a Day Challenge page!

Are you in?

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