Resistance and Recovery

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ResistanceI’m back.

In his book “Do the Work!” Stephen Pressfield writes about the most powerful anti-creative force we know: Resistance. Resistance is the enemy that attempts to keep us from accomplishing any creative endeavor, or any other kind of achievement. Resistance attempts to destroy momentum and, with it, our faith in ourselves.

You may have experienced Resistance when:

  • you wanted to begin a new project but something else came up.
  • you started a diet and were invited to a dinner party.
  • you wanted to learn something new but decided you weren’t ready.

Resistance slapped me in the face hard last week. The project I’ve been focusing on for three months came to a screeching halt. Or maybe a crashing halt.

In trying to launch my new video course and related books, I crashed my own website. The day I had expected to celebrate turned into one giant technical snafu. Instead of posting my launch page, I was sending an apology email to my amazing Harpmastery community. At the same time I sent a desperate plea for help to my equally amazing assistant for help with the website. Aargh.

On the other hand, the worst had happened, Resistance had given me its best, and I was still here. I had the loyal support of my community and the help of my assistant. Granted, there was a lot of work to do, but Resistance hadn’t won. I wasn’t going to let it win. And that’s really all I needed to know.

My course and books will still appear, albeit a little later than I had hoped. The Kaleidoscope Challenge will run, just a little off schedule. On the upside, I am learning new systems that will allow me to deliver these tools to my community more reliably and more efficiently than before.

Today I want to encourage you to stand up to the Resistance when you meet it. And you will meet it, certainly. In your practice, in your performance, in your relationships, Resistance will be there to tell you that you can’t do it, that it’s too hard for you or that it will never work.

So gather those who support you, look Resistance in the face and when it tells you that you can’t, just tell it, “Yes, I can!”

How can you fight the Resistance today?


  • Maris

    Thank you, Anne, for meeting resistance head-on. Your experience may turn out to be just the motivational inspiration needed for some who take on the Kaleidescape Challenge.


  • Anne Knights

    Well done Anne for forging ahead through the rough! I experienced a large dose of resistance recently when I just couldn’t make myself practice – many excuses of course. Yesterday I said “Shucks this is ridiculous” and tuned up and played simple pieces till I got the ‘fun’ feeling back. Off we go again!


  • Sonya Wiley

    I wondered how it was going after your “crash” email. Boy, did this post come at just the right time as everything has turned upside down for me harpwise!


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