Left Hand Master Technique

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If your left hand slows you down when the chords show up, then this video is for you. Work through these patterns and watch the transformation in your sightreading and music learning. And it will help your improvisation too!

And you can receive your own copy of a PDF of the exercises I demonstrate here by subscribing to Harpmastery. Just click the link below!

Click Here for the Left Hand Master Exercise PDF

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  • Sara Rochfort

    Anne, that video is just so fantastic (lovely to see you again, I miss my daily etude!)
    To get an interesting left hand accompaniment for lead sheets is what I have been looking for. Mine had always seemed to be so ‘thin’ and boring.

    Many thanks indeed

    Sara (UK)


    • Anne Post author

      Thanks, Sara – I’m glad it will help you! That pattern is definitely my “go to” accompaniment. And I’m working on some new offerings, including a new challenge. I will keep you posted!


  • Edward

    very good tips thank you!


  • AC

    I see that chord a lot even in the beginner music I’m learning. I have small hands and really struggle to reach a tenth, let alone with notes in the middle. I always seem to brush the next string with either my fourth finger or my thumb. Any suggestions for gradually increasing span to be able to reach this without always rolling?


    • Anne Post author

      It takes a little time and patience. Work with three and four note chords based on an octave span. Once you get used to the octave span and different middle note configurations, you can start to stretch your range. Just be careful not to push yourself too hard; you don’t want to injure your hands!


  • Beth

    Thank you, Anne, for a lovely, clear and concise lesson! 🙂


  • Vanalee Vance

    Your video on the left hand mastery technique was just wonderful! Could you please send me the exercises you were mentioning in the video? I would really appreciate it.


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