Before you download your
Holiday Practice Planner...

Give Yourself a Gift of More Holiday Play Time!

I want to help you organize your holiday practice so that you can:

Stay on track with all the music you have to play and want to play this season.
Spend less time stressing out over practicing and more time enjoying family and friends.
Set yourself up for harp happiness not just for the holidays but in the future too!
My Practice for the Finish course is perfectly timed for the holidays. In the first three weeks of the course, I work with you on exactly this kind of practice and performance preparation, so we get your holiday music ready - on time!

And then, in the new year, we get into the nitty gritty of everything else you need to know to keep growing, learning and finishing the music you start.

You could just download the planner (the link is at the bottom of this page) or you really get ahead of the holiday crunch.

Now is the time for you to
get this done!

And the easy three-pay plan is easy on your holiday budget too!

No Thanks, Just the Planner Please!