Harpist DOs and DON’Ts

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Don't BeethovenYou’ve heard the expression “I don’t do…whatever.” Well, harpists have their own special do’s and don’ts, things we can or can’t do because we play the harp. We have peculiar ways of looking at the world and music. Here are a couple of examples:

We DO ramps. We DON’T do spiral staircases.

We DO Tchaikovsky. We DON’T do Beethoven. (If he was really a genius, wouldn’t he have written more for harp? Just kidding…)

We DO minivans. We DON’T do Corvettes – sigh.

We DO drive. We DON’T do public transportation.

We DO fabulous concert shoes. We DON’T do fabulous long fingernails.

Here’s where I can use your help. It’s Monday, and I’m ready for a little humor. (I can hear some of you saying there is very little humor in this, but so be it.)

I invite you to add your do’s and don’ts in the comments below. Or email me and I will add them. Photos are welcome too.  I will also post them on my Pinterest page Follow Me on Pinterest.

After all, harpists DO lists.

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  • Camdace Lark-Maaucci

    Harpist don’t car pool, harpist do travel solo
    Harpist don’t sit near the bar, harpist do find a safe yet acoustic friendly corner.
    Harpist do early arrival. harpist are never tardy for the party.
    Harpist do travel with emergency car and harp kit. We don’t carry extra kits for the drummer, or strings for the bass player or extra adapter for the DJs amp.


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