Why the Harp for Christmas?

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What is it about harps and the Christmas holidays?Harp Christmas

It’s certainly a busy time for harpists. (Okay – that’s a huge understatement. This can be an insane time of year for a harpist.) Harpists of all ages and abilities are in high demand.  Christmas and harps just seem to go together.

Carolers sing of “angels bending near the earth to touch their harps of gold.”  And many a candle-lit “Silent Night” will have a gentle harp accompaniment.

Why should harp music be the soundtrack of choice for Christmas? I think the reasons are as clear as the midnight Christmas sky.

The ringing of the harp strings sparkles like the stars.

The harp’s rich resonance is the warmth of candlelight.

The sweetness of the harp is the perfect background for a gentle lullaby.

The simplicity of the instrument itself recalls the reason for the season.

As you “strike the harp and join the chorus” this Christmas, I wish for you all the wonder, peace and joy of th06is special time, and the magic, beauty and happiness of music in each and every day of the year.

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  • Gretchen

    A happy harp holiday to everyone and the best for 2017.


  • Ann Bietsch

    May 2017 be filled with harp happiness and every other kind, too!
    Season’s greetings to all!


  • Kathryn

    Merry Christmas, Anne. Best wishes for a sparkling, resonant, peaceful 2017.


  • MaryD

    Blessings to all in 2017 !


  • Michelle

    A very merry, bright and joyful, peace reign in our hearts and fingers, Christmas, to all.


  • Diana Streeper

    My Husband went to be with our Lord on the Dec 15th a few remarked that it was a nice time for him to go during Jesus birthday. I was not sure about that. After a few days of doing things around the house and I heard the Christmas songs playing I decided they were right. He was not good for the last 2 years
    so it was a blessing and I feel very much at peace. He has good health and legs
    to get around with to visit all Family and friends up in Heaven and God & Jesus is their light. My E mail can be published.


    • Anne Post author

      There is no question that music is one of God’s many blessings to us. Thank you for sharing your story. I send you my deepest sympathies for your loss and all the peace and comfort of the Christmas season, Anne


  • Helen Punch

    Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and may your new year be filled with new beginnings and success in all you do! Thank you also Anne for your blogs – they are great! Helen


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