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Etudes have never been
so much

i'm Not Kidding.

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The right etudes learned the right way,
with the emphasis on the HOW and the WHY, not just the WHAT.

Etude a Day Your Way walks you through an entire etude book - 25 etudes in all - with a difference.  You won't just be practicing techniques. You will be learning what the essential skills are behind the techniques, how to practice them and how to go beyond the notes and actually make music with them.  What does this mean for you?


25 charming Etudes
by Alfred Kastner



25 "must know"
harp challenges



a clear, specific
goal each time


     Big growth    

 in your technical skills and musical understanding

antonio rillera

Studying etudes shouldn't be about drills and drudgery. Etudes are meant  to help you develop specific technical skills and apply them in a musical context. I've created these lessons to guide you through that process, so you can focus on mastering the skills you need
to play the music you want.

Anne Sullivan

Founder of Harp Mastery

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