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As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, I thought I would offer a quick “thank you” tribute to all our harp-cestors, those incredible teachers, performers and composers that gave so much to the instrument we love. And “thank you” too, to all of you who contribute to the world of the harp and to the musical universe today. Without the many-faceted accomplishments from so many, our world would be so much poorer.

Thank you for your generosity, your gifts and all your music.

(And a quick¬†word of thanks to all the participants on Monday’s teleseminar. As always, you are why I do what I do. Thank you!)

Here is a wonderful performance by Xavier de Maistre of Henriette Reni√©’s fanciful Danse des Lutins (Dance of the Goblins).

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Carole Smith

    Thanks for the great song and for all you do for us.

    As I listened to how fast that music went, a question popped into my head. Do you keep a recorded history of the music you have played? Something like a photo album, but with your playing instead. I ask this because at my age the fingers don’t move that fast anymore (if they ever did). It might be nice to be able to go back and listen to music you played when body parts start to slow down. For you, it will probably be another 30 years.



    • Anne Post author

      I certainly don’t have any formal recorded history, but there are my cds and some concert recordings from early in my career. I may want to listen someday, but I really hate listening to myself, even now…

      Thank you, Carole for hanging in here with me! Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Barra the Bard / Barra Jacob-McDowell

    I’m thankful to all those you mentioned, and also for harp-makers!

    Looking forward to the replay; keeping it as a reward for all I need to get through today and tomorrow.

    Thank you for all that you do!



  • Diann

    Thank you Anne! You are an amazing harpist and teacher. I really enjoyed the piece.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  • Rob Stone

    Harpy Thanksgiving!


  • Anne Knights

    What clarity, speed and precision! Thank you Anne. I love the picture too but can’t see those funny creatures having anything to do with that ‘fairy’music.


  • Carolyn Hinds

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. I really enjoyed the teleseminar (though not a pedal harp person), and I am always inspired by all your blogs. So, Thank YOU!


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