A Harpist’s Thanksgiving

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My first harp gig. I was 12.

Today, I am especially thankful…

For my students who inspire and motivate me.
For my teachers who believed in me, nurtured me and taught by example as much as they did in lessons.
For harp strings that are more durable than they used to be.
For the Ravel “Introduction and Allegro”.
For talented colleagues who are also caring people.
For audiences to share music with.
For hands, eyes, ears and mind that are still holding up after all these years. Mostly.
For amazing friends whose love persists over time and distance.
For my parents who bought me instruments, found the best teachers, drove me to rehearsals and performances, and never complained.
For my brother and sister who also never complained.
For my son with whom I can share the joy of making music.
For my husband for his never-failing support, his always-on-the-mark comments and the wonderful life we live together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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