Dear Fellow Harpist and Friend,

The harp truly is a joy to play. An instrument of beauty in aesthetic and sound that’s a wonder to hear. That’s the feeling I have every day as I play, practice and perform.

My harp journey has had ups and downs, as I’m sure yours has too, but the happiness the harp has brought me has been worth it all.

My passion for the harp takes me all over the country. Performing, teaching, attending conferences and working with everyone from individuals and chamber musicians to orchestras. At events over the last few years, I started to hear something shocking you may be able to relate to…

Most Harpists Have a “Broken” Practice Plan

Here’s a question that I’ve been asking many amateur players lately: Do you have a piece that you are ready to play—right now?

If a friend came over, if you decided to pack up and head out for a community music event, if you were asked to audition, or if you went somewhere where there was a harp, ready to play and you were asked to…

Do you have a piece you are prepared to play?

Maybe you’re not as surprised at the answer as I was. Most harpists have nothing prepared to play.

And I believe it’s because the practice plan most people follow is broken!

Could This Be Why It’s So Difficult to Progress?

One of the most efficient ways you can improve your playing quickly and easily is to “Practice for the Finish.” The reason why so many harpists don’t have a piece ready to play is because they aren’t practicing the right way to actually finish a piece.

Think about it: How often do you put a piece away if it becomes too difficult to make progress? How often to you encounter phrases and passages you can’t master? You make it through the first measures of a piece, get to the middle, and just give up.

Could this be why it’s so difficult to progress as a harpist? I think it is!


I’d Like to Help!

Let Me Show You My Proven 3 Step System so You Can Fix Your Practice, Focus on the Right Things and Finish the Pieces You Start

What I would like to do is show you how to Practice for the Finish. Show you my tried and true system for overcoming the obstacles that keep you from making progress, from playing the way you want to play. Teach you how to learn a piece from beginning to end, getting over the tough passages and messy middle so you can not only have a piece ready to play for friends, family, or anyone you want, but to also dramatically improve your playing ability!

My name is Anne Sullivan. I began my career as a harpist at age 12 when I appeared twice as a soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. I am a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music, where I taught music theory and ear training from 1982 - 2002.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of playing the harp with numerous orchestras and symphonies and have accompanied many classical and popular artists, including Luciano Pavarotti, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra and Roger Daltrey of The Who.

But perhaps my proudest accomplishment has been helping harpists online from all around the world learn the right way to practice and overcome the challenges they face. I have helped hundreds of developing musicians reach their goals and improve their practice and performance through articles, courses, and coaching.

Let the step-by-step follow along lessons available inside Practice for the Finish help you master the Kaleidoscope Practice Techniques, build your playing confidence, and finally prepare pieces so you can truly play them!

When you enroll in the Practice for the Finish online curriculum and become a member of our support community, you’ll give your practice sessions a clear purpose and direction and bring your harp playing to a whole new level.

Designed for beginner and intermediate harpists who are tired of feeling like their practicing isn’t getting them the progress they need, Practice for the Finish guides you to complete mastery of a 3-step process you’ll use again and again to build your own personal repertoire of pieces to play.

An Innovative 3-Step System Guides You to
the Confident and Beautiful Harp Playing
You’ve Dreamed About

End the Cycle of “Putting Away Pieces”
that Never Seem Performance Ready…

My goal is to help you put a stop the endless cycle of “putting away pieces” harpists frequently find themselves stuck in.

As you follow my guided lessons, you’ll learn to move from sight reading and the first time you see a new piece, past the frustrations of parts you can’t quite play yet, and on to a finished, ready to perform piece.

I won’t just show you the techniques. We will put those techniques into practice right away as I help you learn a brand new piece during our work together.

And once you master our lessons together, you’ll have the lifelong skills you’ll need to pick up any piece and learn to play it fluently without the frustration that tempts you to give up and set it down. The piece you’ll finish in the course is merely the vehicle; the system will stay with you forever!

Discover Dozens of Over-the-Shoulder Videos that Bring Your New Harp Instructor Right to You!

Look At Your 12 Week Practice Schedule:

Each Week, You’ll Improve Technique and Tone, Play with More Ease and Expression, and Increase Your Confidence

Harpists of all ability and skill levels are welcome to join the Practice for the Finish community for 12 weeks of guided lessons! If doesn’t matter if you’ve just picked up the harp and you’re struggling to learn how to practice properly, or if you’re an experienced amateur player who is just tired of being unable to completely practice a piece and perform it… Practice for the Finish gives you the tools, skills, techniques, and guided practice (PLUS FEEDBACK!) you need to learn a complete piece from start to finish!

Join me and let’s learn your piece together! Let’s get it finished and then you can use that same system to learn any piece you want from start to end!

Your Course Also Includes

Discovery Survey  – Begin the course by taking a Discovery Survey self-assessment. Find out how your habits have been shaping your harp playing and what you need to do to ensure your success.

Training Videos – There are over 18 training videos in the course so you can not only learn what to do, but see what to do. You can play along with me on the Technique Warmups or just watch how I do it. And every video is downloadable so you can save them and watch them anywhere.

Download and Print Assignments – There are over 50 PDFs in this course - assignments, checklists, exercises, music examples - everything you need to put the system into action.

Live Weekly Training Calls – Each week, I invite you to participate on a live Q and A Training Call with me and our community. Together we'll tackle any challenges you are facing or questions you have about implementing the system. Instruction and accountability are key to your progress!

A Finished, Ready to Play Piece – Complete all 12 weeks of guided lessons and you’ll have a complete, ready to play performance piece to share with friends, family, or your community. We’ll work through a complete piece together and then you’ll take the skills you learn to go out on your own and learn more!

And Much, Much More! From our exclusive membership community on Facebook to downloadable PDF guides, videos, dozens of exercises, practice techniques, an archive of past Q and A Calls and more—there’s an incredible number of resources to discover inside Practice for the Finish.

Plus, I'm Always Updating! When I learn new things, I want to be sure to pass them along to you, so you will often find new things or updated versions of important tools being added to the course.

I am loving the course and the techniques!  Each week is like receiving a new Christmas gift.


Special Bonus - Use Monthly Video Homework Assignments For Personalized Feedback and Guidance!

You’ll hear instructors tell you that “personalized feedback matters” and I couldn’t agree more! While you can pay up to $100 or much, much more for a single private lesson, I’ll be happy to give you the exact same feedback I would give any in person student.

Here’s how it will work: At three points during the course, I will encourage you to submit a video of you playing your piece. I’ll personally watch your video, then I’ll provide specific advice, technical guidance and the step-by-step personalized path you can take to improve your playing. That way I can help you stay on track to accomplish your goals—all at no extra cost to you!

I knew I had made some progress, but watching the first video and comparing made me feel really good about it. I'm actually able to get through the piece now reasonably well.


PLUS…You’ll Receive 24/7 Access to
Our Private Support Community!

Login to our private online community 24/7 and meet other harpists who are ready to share in the excitement, learn, and support you as your playing and practicing transform from frazzled to focused.

Our community helps members who are isolated from other players—giving you a valuable resource you can refer to when you need support and an engaged community ready to hold you accountable to your goals!

This wonderful community allows you to come together with musicians from all over the world so you can become better players together!

Will I see you on the inside?

MI wanted to let you know what a life changing experience the course "practice to finish" was for my 30+ year of love/hate relationship with the harp. This was money well invested! It gave me confidence and knowledge how to approach successful practicing for a new or older piece of music. I feel I am starting a new and happy chapter in my harp playing. I am so grateful. - Martina

SI just finished the “Practice to the Finish” course with Anne and it was like taking a master course in how to practice to actually “finish” a piece. I feel like I have the skills now to be able to so thoroughly know a piece that I can be comfortable playing it under just about any circumstance. And, enjoy it!  My playing improved immensely during the 12 week course.. It’s definitely jump-started my practice.

Anne is a fun, knowledgeable supportive and gifted teacher.  I’m so grateful that she is so generous with sharing  the knowledge she’s gained from her years of  performing, teaching and playing the harp.  - Stacia

JI always seem to start a piece but never “finish” it. It is great for me to enjoy, but………. actually “finishing” a piece would require work that I perceived as Boring! Doesn’t actually bother me until someone wants me to play for something, then I find that I have “nothing” presentable for their ears. It seemed like I would just drudge on, over and over and never seem to arrive at the public presentation stage. It was hard to keep focus as I would get bored. But, alas, no more after completing this challenge. – Julia


{This} gave me hope. Improved practice causes improved performance. Improved performance leads to improved peace of mind (pleasure) when playing. – Carole

Are You Ready to Join Our
Community of Learners?

The total cost for Practice to the Finish is $497—a price that includes…

• 12 Weeks of Lessons
• 24/7 Facebook Community Access
• Personalized Feedback
• 30+ Kaleidoscope Practice Techniques
• Weekly Live Training Calls
• Practice Strategies, Exercises, and More
• Plus Lifetime Access to the Course!

When you add up the value included in each of your lessons, across all 12 weeks, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in private lessons. And with Lifetime Access, you can review or revisit the material whenever you want.

At just $42 per lesson, the cost of attendance is much more affordable than private, in-person lessons—and you get all of the same accountability and the benefit of working with a globally recognized harpist and instructor.

Don’t miss this opportunity!


The program has really helped me structure my practice more and made my playing better!


This course has been wonderful. I've learned a great deal and will apply it when learning future pieces.


I would have totally given up if it hadn’t been for you.



I know there's already a lot of material and many extras in the Practice for the Finish Course. But there's one more thing I can do to add more value and support for you along the way and here it is:

I'm including 3 months of My Harp Mastery membership FREE when you purchase the course.  That's a $141 value!

Why? Because I know you will find incredible value in all that My Harp Mastery has to offer and extra support from me and our My Harp Mastery members, and I want to make sure of your success in this program.


Master My Proven Practice System
and Transform Your Playing
for Less than $42 per Lesson!

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